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Dear familiy and friends from all around the world, we welcome you on our blog about our once in a lifetime journey around the world.

The big day is getting closer and closer and we are both getting all excited. We finally made it happen. After 2.5 years of dreaming, bragging and planning the day we actually leave is about to come. Up until now, we haven’t planned much but the flights. So the trip will be an adventure for sure. We take every day as it comes and we’ll see where the flow will take us.

We will be trying to share our experiences, adventures and stories with you every now and then when we’ll get a decent internet conncetion. We’ll be more than happy to hear from you on whichever channel you like. Leave us a comment on the posts if you liked it and tell us if you are interested in more stories of a particular topic.

Keep in touch and let our fun be your fun!

Hang loose,
Chris n’ Toby

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