Surfing in Bali and luxury in Vietnam

Dear followers,

As you may already know Chris and I are not yet travelling together. So we thought we wait with blogging till we are reunited in Hong Kong on the 22nd of April. But still we wanted to give you a little update on our trips so far.

Surfing in Bali

I want to keep it short as we will be in Bali again and we’ll update you on this beautiful country later on. So in a nutshell: Bali is beautiful. And hot. Really hot. The camp I am staying in which is called “Kima Surf Canggu” is also big fun. We go surfing twice a day for two hours. Hence I am doing great progress on my surfing skills and my tanning too haha… (pictures will follow, promise).
On Saturday and Sunday when there is no guided surfing we did some cultural trips around Bali and went beach hopping in the south of Bali (on the peninsula Bukit).
Also we went to Ubud which is in the center of Bali. You’ll see from the pictures below how beautiful this place can be. But I don’t want to tell you too much already as we will be back together in Seminyak at the end of our South East Asia journey.


Holy Spring Water Temple – Tampak Siring

 Monkey Forrest near Ubud

So whats next? On thursday my time here at the camp is over and I have 4 days time to do whatever I want until I’ll fly to Hong Kong and meet up with Chris…  And as the Gili Islands are not far I decided to go there and have a look how this place is like… apparently it must be pretty nice! :)

Luxury in Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful country with amazing people and great food. The landscape is absolutly fantanstic!! Since Toby and I will stop in Vietnam after a visit to Hong Kong, I won’t say too much. We’ve arrived in Ha Noi where we spent six wonderful days packed with temples, motorcycles, and noodle soup. After Ha Noi we traveled to Hoi An a beautiful village in central vietnam. Missing the big city noises we took our tour bus to Hue, a busy city with a lot of history. As I’m writing these words, we are sitting at the airport in Hue waiting for our flight to bring us to our well deserved beach time on the little island Con Dao. Pictures will follow since I’m not fully equiped yet.

The next excitement will happen when we reunite in Hong Kong.

Until then, so long…
Chris n’ Toby

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