A little bit of Indonesia

Hey there,

Alright, finally I’m on my way to Hong Kong to meet up with Chris and to kick off our Round the World trip. At the moment I’m sitting here at the Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali and waiting for my 5 hours flight to Hong Kong. Surprisingly the internet here is faster than ever and so I decided to give you a little update on my time in Indonesia so far.

As already mentioned, I decided to visit the Gili Islands which, so I heard, were the highlight of many travellers. For those who don’t really know where the Gili Islands are I embedded a card below. It was just a two hours ferry ride from Bali to the Islands. And as always in Indonesia, the cost very, very low for the whole little trip.

I heard that Gili Trawangan (or as the backpacker say, “Gili-T”) is nothing but a party island and therefore I decided to also chill out a little on Gili Air which is much more laid back. Well to all who are about to take the same decisions as I am and are travelling alone: don’t go to Gili Air. Gili Air, to which I went first, is basically an island for couples, honeymooners and families. Nothing for a lone backpacker like me at the time. I stayed for two nights each (Gili Air and Gili-T). As I am not a person who can lie down for more than five minutes to tan a little, I subscribed for some dives which were really nice.

On the way to the dive site “shark point”.
Green turtle
After dive selfie

The Gili Islands are known for the diving and the turtles which are everywhere. Also I saw some sharks and big groups of different fishes. It is also always a big fun to meet new people while diving and share the most exciting stories.
Also I walked around the islands as they are very small as you can see from the pictures. In Gili-T I ended up having a beer and watch the sunset with some people I just met in the backpacker.

Sunset at the Sunset Bar – definitely a place not to miss when visiting Gili-T

After a day of walking around and discovering the island, I realised how much the island has to give. There is this huge party strip where pretty much every backpacker ends up when on Gili-T. Very touristy and crowded and hence not really the place to hang out or eat during the day. At the coming of the night though, the party strip goes crazy. It seemed that the whole island was having a few beers, trying magic mushrooms which were offered everywhere or drinking other liquids which were way too cheap. Walking a little down the round though, I found a night market which was by far my highlight of my stay at the Gilis.

The essence of Indonesia: friendly people everywhere, great and cheap food and the one and only beer: the Indonesian Bintang.

Choosing what to eat for dinner was not always easy as some of the dishes were not recognisable. 
The food was just spectacular and the locals so friendly. 

The great thing about this night market was not only that the food was great and the locals real friendly, but also that you got a little bit of the Indonesian spirit. Also I was sick of the touristic food you normally get for double the price. The atmosphere, the different local dishes and the lovely people around definitely made my stay at the Gilis.

One last thing. As I mentioned earlier the island Gili-T has much more to offer than just party. A little further down the island you can find absolutely breathtaking resorts, bungalows and restaurants with live music. This is also where I found the Sunset Bar and lovely beaches. I was happy walking around but as motorised vehicles are forbidden on the Gilis the main means of transport were either by foot, bicycle or by horse taxi.

DSC_1952The taxis which brought you from A to B with just one horse power. 

Alright, now I’m of to Hong Kong where we will be for around five days. After all the island trips, beaches and little towns in Bali and the Gilis I am really looking forward for the big city life, amazing skylines and a whole new culture.

We’ll keep you posted and until then… so long!

5 Comments on “A little bit of Indonesia

  1. That’s my favourite :-)

    “As I am not a person who can lie down for more than five minutes to tan a little…”

      • You should have asked me Tobs about Gili, I told you i had been there, we stayed 4 nights just on Gili T! Amazing.

        Beautiful photography (dont go getting a big head now haha)

  2. Great story Tobi and stunning pictures! Really marvellous! Enjoy HK :)

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