Hectic Hanoi

Starting our trip of in Hong Kong was a good idea. There are even more impressions to process in Hanoi. But so far one of the most fascinating cities we’ve ever seen. The scenery with all the little shops on the side of each road, motorbikes everywhere, the friendly people, and the absolutely delicious food.

DSC_2875 IMG_1875
IMG_1939 DSC_2850
Street Markets

DSC_2895 DSC_2838

You can eat a great Pho Bo (Rice noodle soup with beef) or Pho Ga (rice noodle soup with chicken) on almost every street corner. Even though, the stools and tables aren’t made for people being over 1.70m tall it’s one of the best ways to experience the soul of Hanoi.  The best dish we had so far was Bun Bo which contains noodles, beef, green mango, vegetables, and a lot of peanuts. Absolutely delicious!

Bun Bo at the Restaurant Bun Bo Nam Bo – sooo good!

Street Food

A very special experience – but definitely worth it – is taking a motorbike taxi to get around the city. The taxi driver will meander his way through traffic by honking at every object he passes, sometimes even oncoming traffic on the wrong side of the road… we survived.

Moped taxis

Tomorrow we’re off to Ha Long Bay for two days and after that we’ll take a three days trip to Sa Pa. Very excited…

But until then, so long….
Chris’n Toby

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