Northern Vietnam

After a couple of days exploring Hanoi, we took a 4hrs bus ride to Ha Long Bay for a two days party boat trip. The scenery is indescribable. Even though, the weather wasn’t on our side, the trip was a total success. The misty weather turned the Ha Long Bay into a misterious landscape with rocks appearing out of the mist. Once we got deep enough into the rock landscape we were able to canoe around the bay and do some swimming. Also we had good fun meeting new people from all around the world and party till late night…



From the sea to the mountains. We arrived back in Hanoi at around 16:00 and had to be ready again at 17:00 to leave for a 9hrs overnight train ride to Sapa, the rice fields in the mountains of northern Vietnam. We thought Ha Long Bay could not be toped in repect of the landscape until we arrived in Sapa. We took a two days hiking trip through the mountains with a sleep over at a local family. What the locals were able to build over the last hundrets of years is simply amazing. Whole mountain sites are turned into rice fields. Sadly though, most of the fields weren’t filled with rice while we were there as the season will start in a few months but it still was B-E-A-utiful!

Train station of Hanoi

Chris having a hard time rushing around

Arriving in Sapa

Starting our hike into the rise fields of Sapa

Kids living in the mountains of Sapa

DSC_3073 DSC_3144 DSC_3146 DSC_3229
The famous rise terraces of Sapa

Arriving back in Hanoi – again – we didn’t have much time to relax. We had to catch our 14hrs overnight train to Hue, where we are sitting right now. We spent the day in Hue visiting the citadel which was very impressiv even though a lot has been destroyed during the war. We finally also had some time to relax before we take off to Hoi An with motorbikes – woop woop! Doing so, we hope to experience even more of the Vietnamese countryside.

At the imperial city of Hue

We will be spending a couple of relaxing nights in Hoi An and later head further south to Ho Chi Minh City by the end of the week.

Until then, so long…
Chris’n Toby

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    • No golden necklace though… You see in the picture, none of the girls was wearing one – checked it twice! :P

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