Mixed Culinary Experiences in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has to offer everything in terms of food, from stinky tofu to delicate duck. But it appeared to us that finding good local food isn’t quite an easy task. Most of the time the menu was written only in Chinese and the waitstaff hardly knew any english. Don’t get us wrong. We found excellent restaurants but they were always a little touristy. The one thing we liked was Dim Sum. We went to the restaurant One Dim Sum which was apparently the best place for dim sum. We even waited 15 minutes for a table and it was well worth it.

We also tried local restaurants were we only ordered according to the pictures in the menu… didn’t always turn out good. We ate some pretty weird stuff like crispy noodles that were only partly crispy and other strange dishes. All in all good food although we think with some local people you would be able to find the hidden treasures of Hong Kong.

DSC_2141 DSC_2443
Freshly made duck

Street food at the street markets

Dim Sum

Now we are ready for the next culinary experience – but until then, so long…
Chris’n Toby

One Comment on “Mixed Culinary Experiences in Hong Kong

  1. Vor dem erste Schaufenster bini au scho gstande und han mi gfröget obi ie söll go spiise…

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