Discover the Undiscovered: Change of Itinerary

Here we are in Bangkok. But the visit is shortlived as we are just here to get a visa at the Myanmar Embassy to enter the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

Why this post then? Well, initially it was not our plan to visit Myanmar but we heard too many great stories of this yet almost untouched country. The country which was previously one of the most closed-off countries in the world (we reckon even second after North Korea), Myanmar – formerly Burma – finally opened its doors to tourists in 2011.

To get a visa we had to apply for it in the morning, fill out several forms, provide two pictures, and – to dodge the crowds – be at the embassy one hour before opening. Once the doors opened everything went down quickly and we could collect our express visas later this afternoon. So exciting.


Myanmar is evolving quickly and the government is enforcing the tourism machinery. Before everything gets touristic and crowded like other South East Asian countries, we wanted to visit this vibrant and untouched destination.
To do so we had to rearrange our itenerary. Fiji was the destination which we scratched off the board. We rescheduled our flights (which was not an hassle at all with our RTW-Ticket) and now we are ready to discover the undiscovered, but until then, so long…

Chris’n Toby

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