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Monthly Archives: June 2014

You’ll never be in Bangkok only once – is what they said.

The awe and admiration we felt as we entered the formerly second most excluded country in the world was indescribable. With it’s majestic untouched landscapes, Myanmar displays a beauty completely unparalleled by any other paradise on earth. We arrived in Yangon, Myanmar’s blooming capital, not knowing what to expect. Since we decided to visit this undiscovered country last minute we didn’t really do much research. We were able though to get a… Read More

Unlike the culinary colossuses that are its neighbours, Cambodia is not that well known in international food circles, but all that looks set to change. Just as Angkor has put Cambodia on the tourist map, so too amok (baked fish with lemongrass-based kreung paste, coconut and chilli in banana leaf) could put the country on the culinary map. Chicken Amok Fish Amok Cambodia has a great variety of national dishes, some similar… Read More