The Legendary Journey: The Movie

After almost two years, the waiting is finally over. Our epic movie about our trip around the world is finally here!

Over the last three weeks we have been working and editing the over 500 video clips we took on our round the world trip. The result: 4 intense minutes which will most probably blow your mind! Okay maybe just make you smile but thats enough for our humble souls! ;)

Enjoy the clip, share it if you like it and hope to hear from you very soon!

See you on the next epic journey!

But until then, so long…
Chris’n Toby

2 Comments on “The Legendary Journey: The Movie

  1. So schön min Cousin bi some Abenteuer und wahnsinns Video chöne zgseh! Mir hends gad zwei Mol müese luege. Hammer!
    Ganz liebi Grüessli

  2. MAN THAT WAS MIND-BLOWING, and by far the best 113 days in 4 minutes I’ve ever seen! Chris’ little gyrating dance though… LOL!

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