About Us & Our Trip

Once upon a time, miracles happened. In this case, a movie – based on a true story – is written before the true story even takes place. Freaky huh? What you are about to witness is an adventure like you have never seen before. But with a hint of Girls Gone Wild and Indiana Jones. The right hints, don’t you worry.

After finishing our bachelors degrees, yours truly; Chris and Toby, want to see the world and it’s beautiful places before making the next steps of their lives. The mission of the trip is simple – have fun, explore and never say no. Except to illegal stuff your honour. And mom.

Alright, sorry about the technicalities, where were we? Yeah, the trip. So in short, stay tuned to this blog, and we’ll carefully filter our best looking pictures with the most astonishing sceneries in the best looking places doing some pretty cool stuff. We might even add some text to brag some more if the pictures don’t do it for us.

Stay tuned and let our fun be your fun!

Hang loose,
Chris ‘n Toby

3 Comments on “About Us & Our Trip

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  3. Ich freue mich jedes Mal, wenn ich in meinem Mail Account ein neuer Bericht von Euch sehe. Einfach Genial! Tobias, ich wünsche mir als Weihnachtsgeschenk ein schwarz-weiss Foto von der Reise! Fantastische Fotos! Macht weiter so! Und weiterhin viel Spass!!!!!! Dodo & Co.

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