Our Travel Route

When we tell people about our travel route literally everyone is like “oh, you only spend two days there…” or “oh, if you don’t do this, it’s not a proper round the world trip”… well, no. We had to set priorities, no matter how long we would be travelling, you never get the chance to actually see everything.

We have to make the most out of the 113 days we are able to spend travelling. So we decided to focus on South East Asia, which isn’t too bad, right? And as you’ll see below, the rest of the itinerary will be little more packed with different destinations and therefore maybe even more adventurous.

Planned travel route: 

02.04.-22.04.14     Toby in Bali

03.04.-22.04.14     Chris in Vietnam

22.04.-27.04.14     Reunited in Hong Kong

27.04.-11.05.14      From north to south: Vietnam

11.05.-16.05.14       Beautiful Cambodia

16.05.-20.05.14       Bangkok prepare yourself

20.05.-29.05.14      Discovering Myanmar

29.05.-10.06.14       Beach hopping in Thailand

10.06.-12.06.14      Quick trip to Malaysia

12.06.-15.06.14     Spending a lot of money in Singapore

15.06.-24.06.14      Surfaris in Bali

24.06.-27.06.14      G’day Sydney

27.06.-02.07.14     Choice New Zealand

02.07.-14.07.14       Hang loose in Hawaii

14.07.-17.07.14        Vegas baby!

17.07.-21.07.14        Driving along the the highway 1 (West Cost)

21.07.-02.08.14       Tortillas & Tequila in Mexico

02.08.-07.08.14      Getting lost in Peru

07.08.-12.08.14       Samba in Rio de Janeiro

13.08.2014                11.05am  Back home

16.08.-17.08.14        Let the wedding bells ring! Flo and Steffi for live! 

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